Essential Smartphone Protective Cover Using Cheats

“Mobile phone protective cover” name suggests: to protect the phone jacket, the role is to protect the phone body and prevent it from accidental damage, such as water, scratches and off fade.

The most important thing for phone protective cover is to prevent from dropping since most smartphone screen and shell are very fragile even though some of them are equipped with hard metal shell. And now smart mobile devices are more and more expensive and multifunctional, so would rather choose a protective case to prevent it!

What is the role of mobile phone protective cover?
The role of mobile phone protective cover is as follows:
1. to reduce the collision and drop to get a certain buffer effect.
2. Protect the phone shell long as new, increase the service life.
3. Reduce dust entry.
4. If it is a metal phone, you can also let the phone to remove the cold feeling.
5. If the design is beautiful, you can let the fashion family often change the style.
6. Leather case, suitable for business people highlight the distinguished.
7. Anti-skid function.
8. Effective protection of the screen and keep keys away scratches and wear.

Although the mobile phone protective cover is used to protect the phone, but if the use methods are improper, but will shorten the life of mobile phones, and affect the use of mobile phone cooling and functional use. Protective cover is used to shield the phone, of course, there are ways to use. So the correct use of mobile phone case is very necessary.

Analysis on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Mobile Phone Case
Silicone is divided into organic silica gel and inorganic silica gel. Organic silicone can be under high temperature, good insulation, and thus the selling point of silicone shell is feel good, waterproof performance is good, the price is generally low. But because of the silicone itself slightly sticky, for a long time unwittingly adsorbed on the dust is not easy to clean, permeability is also relatively poor.

Leather style is relatively simple but it is generous, it is suitable for business people to use. Its selling point is chic, elegant, do not wear the phone, heat dissipation is good. Especially wallet-style leather phone case, you can place cash, bus cards, etc., has been very popular. Artificial leather or fake skin is easy to crack, and leather is durable.

TPU is a plastic category, so the product is injected into the molding process to do, with the same as the soft silicone. Feel, the general TPU hardness than silicone to be hard. Appearance, TPU phone case can be done that kind of transparent. The disadvantage is that the service life of TPU phone case is not long, with three or four months later may be yellow.

Metal phone shell impact resistance is higher than ordinary mobile phone, so with anti-drop ability, it looks very upscale. If it is all-metal phone case, then you can imagine will make the phone shell more cumbersome, and wear a beautiful degree after the mobile phone shell also decreased.

Most of the diamond phone shells are diamond, sparkling particularly beautiful, has always been one of the girls like the phone shell. Style is also more selective selectivity is very wide, very luxurious feeling. However, some drill easy to fall off, so the choice of time or to pay more attention.

Advantage of Plush mobile phone shell is non-slip, drop, and feel good, especially for cold winter use. And plush mobile phone shell most style cute, more suitable for girls with. Disadvantages are not waterproof, but also easier to dirty, to regular cleaning.

Plastic phone shell, also known as PC shell, is plastic, the product is injection molding process to do, with the production of TPU similar way, but the material is hard shell. Feeling, PC is hard and tough. Appearance, the PC can be done very transparent. You can also do other solid color .PC material for leather, UV printing, spraying, water stickers, plus hard high light after the process.

How to buy a mobile phone case?
Mobile phone sets of choice should be based on the choice of models that more appropriate, which we all know, but some details to note, such as iPhone 4 mobile phone protective cover, and some like double windows, but ios6 system and ios7 system window are different, Ios7 system as the ios6 system will affect the use, so pay special attention to the purchase.

Experts advise, do not buy too bright, fancy, pungent odor of mobile phone cases, such as some plastic, “cortex” and other mobile phone shell, close to a close smell, if very pungent, indicating that the harmful components of mobile phone Higher, do not use.

You‘d better choose the color of mobile phone case according to their own preferences. If from the aspect of dirty consideration, dark colors will good choice, such as gray, brown, black, etc. After all, the using frequency of mobile phone is very high, easy to dirty, so black phone case looks also significant atmosphere and stable on the grade.

Before buying an iPhone case you should look at comments on the overall quality of mobile phone cover, try not to go to the offline store to buy where the price is too high. Online shopping is better, such as Cell Phone Age com where the price of protection cover for iPhone 6 is only less than 10 USD. Pay attention to choose high credit and sales shop from which mobile phone cases will be better quality.

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