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Yarduna Online Jewelry Store

Yarduna is an online jewelry shop where you can find native looking jewelry pieces. They are all inspired by the traditional beauty concepts of the ancient civilisations. Our online boutique offers custom and absolutely handmade necklaces, bracelets, earring and other jewelry pieces. Choose between Yarduna’s collection and sets for yourself or for a gift. The most popular of them are the Sumer, Himalayan, Inuit, Ancient Greek, Persian, Polynesian and the Imperial China collections. All the materials we used for the creation of these unique jewels reflects the traditional look of the ancient materials in a combination with the modern beauty standards. From Yarduna online jewelry shop you can get a single piece of jewelry or a whole set at a discounted price.

Hermann-Mark-Gasse 5, Vienna, Austria 1100
43 57 333 850