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1. Industry definitions
(1) Package printing
Packaging printing refers to the packaging with decorative patterns, patterns or text, in order to make the product more attractive or more illustrative
(2) Publication printing
The publication printing is the technology that refers to original manuscript such as the text, picture, photos etc. making by the plate, ink, pressure and other processes, so that the ink transferred to the surface of paper, textiles, leather and other materials, bulk copy the content of original manuscript.
2. Industry scale
In China, package printing services has a trillion market scales. In the past ten years, because the gross output value of packaging industry, China becomes the second largest packaging industry country in the world after the United States. In 2014, the total output value of China packaging industry was 14800hundred million RMB, the packaging industry’s social demand and the scientific and technological content are increasing day by day, and it has become an important supporting industry for economic and social development. The printing product structure meets the popular demand, meanwhile showing the trend of quality, individuation and customization. The green printing and digital printing develop rapidly.
3. Financial standing
(1) The average income of the packaging printing company is 1 billion 650 million RMB
(2) The average profit of the packaging printing company is 41 million 100 thousand RMB
(3) The average gross profit margin of the packaging printing company is 13%
(4) The average asset liability ratio of the packaging printing industry is 39.5%
4. Industry situation at present
(1) Small businesses tend to be more
From the layout, printing enterprises are relatively dispersed, is not conducive to the daily supervision of the printing industry. From the perspective of enterprise scale, printing enterprises are larger in coastal developed areas, while printing enterprises in inland areas are relatively small. From the point of view of business structure, only a small number of enterprises with sufficient supplies, while most enterprises supply tension. It is precisely because of the small printing enterprises is more, there are low grades, redundant construction and other phenomena, many enterprises do not have their own characteristics, the proportion of high-tech applications in these printing enterprises is still very low.
(2) Low labor efficiency
Printing has the functions of increasing the added value of commodities, improving the grade of products and enhancing consumption. But compared with the developed countries, the total output value of China printing industry is still very low. There are digital as evidence: at present, China total output value of printing industry accounts for only about 4% of the total output value of the world’s printing industry, while accounting for only 2.5% of the national GDP. And the efficiency of printing industry in our country is relatively low, even less than 1/10 of developed countries. Labor efficiency is determined by a variety of factors. On the one hand, it depends on the technological innovation and transformation of enterprises, and on the other hand, it depends on the overall improvement of the quality of employees.
(3) Regional development is uneven
The development of printing industry is closely related to the development of regional economy, which is determined by industrial characteristics. It is noteworthy that uneven regional development of the national economy has also directly led to the uneven distribution of China printing companies. This situation has caused a waste of printing resources; two, enterprises have not enough competitiveness; three, it has hindered the printing enterprises’ self-development.
(4) Equipment polarization
The equipment level of China printing industry is uneven, obviously the formation of polarization: in the market there are variety of high-speed, high-grade, in the world’s leading imported printing machine, there are also various low technical content and poor quality equipment. Most of the small and medium-sized printing enterprises, for lack of funds, mostly use medium and low printing equipment. Many printing companies buy second-hand imported printing equipment, many small-scale enterprises use the old press, the printing process is also backward production equipment, some printing equipment is nearly aging. And compared with these small and medium-sized enterprises, some large printing enterprise equipment is more advanced; its equipment is complete, high degree of automation, stable performance, able to print all kinds of high-end printing products. This weak and strong situation shows that the overall strength of China printing industry is inadequate.
(5) The industry is scattered and the market concentration is low
The total number of packaging enterprises in China is 300 thousand, of which 20 thousand enterprises are above scale, and about 90% for small and medium-sized enterprises, showing a cluster of small capacity, research and development ability is not strong, slow transformation and so on. Most of the listed companies in the packaging industry have only about 2 billion RMB in revenue, compared with trillions of total market, the volume is very small, and the largest enterprise market share is less than 1%. Compared with the United States International Paper IP paper packaging market share of 27%, BEMIS plastic soft packaging market share of 20%, China Packaging leading enterprises market concentration is greatly improved.
(6) The packaging industry has defects
The long-standing structural overcapacity and excessive reliance on energy and resources consumption, the ability of independent innovation is weak, the competitiveness of enterprises is not strong and industrial scale and economic benefits are not commensurate with the structural and quality defects.
5. Policy and environment
(1) the press and Publication Administration formulated the “fifteen” development plan, put forward: book printing will increase from 32 billion 621 million sheets to 44 billion 200 million sheets, and increased from 10 billion 4 million to 11 billion of journal sheets, newspapers increased from 76 billion 300 million to 107 billion 700 million copies printed sheet, there are need total increase of 38 billion 939 million copies of the volume. Judging from the past two years, these figures appear more conservative, such a large amount of printing, it is bound to increase the demand for printing equipment.
(2) the last two years of National General Administration of press and publication printing enterprises were rectification, access for re registration and new application of new printing plant increase the threshold (such as the amount of assets and equipment etc.), promote the technology and equipment of printing enterprises to upgrade, update equipment.
(3) In order to promote the printing industry production process, equipment and product upgrading, publishing department approval submitted to the SETC has announced the two batch of “the elimination of backward production capacity, process and product catalog” news, but also promote the upgrading of printing equipment.
(4) The press and Publication Administration formulated the gradual implementation of 880mm * 1230mm format (usually large format) regulations, although temporarily allowed small format (787mm * 1092mm) and in the presence of large format books, but the general trend is 787mm * 1092mm format and the machine will be phased out, the machine will eventually replace the large format small format the machine.
(5) The state issued the “12th Five-Year” period development plan pointed out that, with technological upgrading and green environmental protection as the key point, to speed up the promotion of digital technology, and adhere to the development of printing and duplicating industries.
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About printing process control

The quality of product is the life of printing company, it relates to market competitiveness of company directly.

1. Control of printing quality.
When Plate burning, outside the PS version by body, by add color code, pulling the tail three parts, so, when check the printed products, easy to find misregister, paper, reverse, double sheet caused by different plate and been mixed.
The quality of the photocopy and film must be carefully inspected before the printing plate and the machine, so as to avoid the impact of the printing quality problem. At the same time, the school edition should be proficient and accurate, and minimize the number of school editions. It is necessary to be evenly distributed and avoid the impression that the printing plate is made out by an artificial elongated deformation.

2. The selection of printing consumables
(1) Paper
Choose the paper that is better and more adaptable, avoid the phenomenon such as pulling and dropping of the paper. Before printing, prevent the paper from being affected by the deformation of the paper.
(2) Ink
Light fast dry ink for offset paper printing, can avoid the resin type ink produces pulverization lacklustre and sticky dirty, the phenomenon such as hair, dry faster. But in the process, you should prevent the ink from drying and peeling.
(3) Rubber cloth
In normal printing, the rubber cloth should be cleaned frequently. The new rubber cloth stretches well and the machine should be tightened gradually. In the daily operation, every tightening, once the offset press is pressed, stop and tighten again and again and again, so that the rubber cloth will tighten up.

3. Printing pressure controls.
The surface of offset paper is rough and the ink is good, so as to make the printing ink thick and clear, the printing pressure should be increased appropriately in printing.
In addition, the pressure of water roller and ink roller should be proper, so as to maintain good transmission and transfer of ink.

4. Printing conditions controls.
1). Control of the PH of the solution.
The PH of the liquid solution should be controlled at 4.5-5.5, and if the PH value of the solution is not properly controlled, it will affect the drying speed and the quality of printing.
2). Control of the water and ink balance.
In the printing process, it is necessary to maintain the ink balance and achieve the best printing status of “small dry water”. When the water is in the water, the water will be changed to the original state in order to avoid the emulsion of ink caused by “big ink”.

3). Control of workshop temperature and humidity.
In order to make the printing and achieve the best effect, the workshop air conditioning and humidifier should be configured, to ensure that the workshop temperature is 20-25?, humidity is 55% ~ 65%.
In printing market increasingly competitive today, control the printing process, attaches great importance to the print quality inspection, is a printing company to get good printing quality of the premise and the key.

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