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Best Boarding Schools is one of the best educational experts and professional consultants in the UK. They offer vast options of best UK, Switzerland, USA boarding schools and help parents throughout the application process of getting into the best British, American, Swiss boarding schools. For more details, contact or visit their website soon! is a London based boarding school placements consultancy that helps parents and teens to get admission in best British, American, Swiss boarding schools. On our website, we have listed the top boarding schools worldwide. Before giving any recommendation of a school to parents we analyse the school reports, teachers’ evaluations, and more and help students in exams, or Skype interviews.
At Best Boarding Schools, we combine unparalleled experience, comprehensive capabilities of educations/visa systems across all countries. We also aid parents by helping them to find the best private education solution for their child. Our team of Educational Parent Advisors have the complete knowledge of local education systems and advice you while choosing the best residential schools in a changing and competitive world. Best Boarding Schools also offer further services during the child schooling such as learning English and other languages in summer programmes, arranging for private tutors, airport pickup, etc. So, if you are looking for the best boarding school in the UK, USA or anywhere in the world, you can contact us anytime. Here, we offer advices to parents and teens without any chargers.

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