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At Haskett, we work as a team of professional landscapers, achieving excellent gardens for your sophisticated premises, whether commercial or residential. We are driven by zeal to achieve modern garden designs for your premises, within minimum expenses.

About us
At Haskett Ltd, you can get the most satisfying and creative solution to landscaping. We assist you right from the conceptualisation part through to design, maintenance, wood work, stone work, lighting, etc. We are a team of qualified and experienced landscapers who work in collaboration with each other to come up with the best specimen of modern garden designs.

Haskett Ltd is often associated with inventiveness and quality. We create highly inspiring landscape garden design to spruce up the outdoor spaces of homes, offices, buildings or complexes in Essex. We add the professional touch to your garden that will make it receive compliments from day one. The way we make sure that it is well-organised, well-designed, well-planted and well-maintained is what is so appreciated by all our clients. We have worked with a great deal of clients from all walks of life and have made sure to deliver on promises and turn them into loyal clients. We are skilled in paving, working out a modern garden design, decking and hedge trimming. Our wealth of experience, great knowledge and immense expertise is the reason why we are confident about ourselves. Last but not the least, we are a certified and compliant company that works in accordance with the highest standards. For any landscaping requirement, contact us!

Rowan Cottage, Cannons Green
01277 899325
Haskett is a group of experienced landscapers offering modern garden designs for your business and private premises. We are situated in the UK and have fused European arranging procedures in our methodology towards garden designing and maintenance.

Haskett’s landscapers can offer a wide range of modern garden design services across Essex and Suffolk. Whatever your need, our experts can offer the perfect service. With decades of experience, we gives an unequivocal guarantee on all work.

01277 899325