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Bithika | Best Indian Takeaway in Belfast Antrim

Bithika is an Indian cuisine takeaway service in Belfast BT9. They serve impeccable Indian cuisine dishes. The menu of Bithika contains the popular Indian cuisine dishes that we all know and love. Along with those, Bithika also serves some special dishes like Piro Lamb and Badmi. They serve in Finaghy, Woodvale, Glencairn, Ballysillan, Balmoral & Ormeau.

Indian cuisines are quite popular in the UK right now. Surely the aroma, colours and taste have to do with the popularity. However, the authenticity of the cuisine makes it more precious, though, it takes quite an effort to find Indian cuisine restaurants and takeaways that offer traditional Indian cuisine in the most authentic form. You can trust Bithika for the irresistible aroma, incredible taste and hefty portions of Indian cuisine dishes. They have quite a diverse menu that has something to offer everyone.

So, if you are an Indian cuisine enthusiast or maybe just want to try it for a change, just log on to their website and order a takeaway online.

133 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 7AG
0289 038 1009
Bithika Takeaway
Flaming Leek
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rder food online in Somerset. It’s easy, fast and convenient Try our online website which contains all our takeaway menu. We are located at 49 Bow Street, Langport, Somerset. Order online your favourite curries, pizza, burgers, kebabs, southern fried chicken and get fast free home delivery service. Our Delivery service is fast and the food you ordered will be at your door in on time.

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Anikas Takeaway is an indian takeaway in Hillingdon, Middlesex. The Anikas Takeaway offer great tasting foods like tandoori, rice varieties. Anika’s has gained a reputation for it’s traditional yet creative cuisine. Our menu contains our perfected dishes created by our team of chefs who demand only the best. Delivery out is not just about the food, it’s about the whole experience. Thank you for choosing Anika’s, order a takeaway online and see why our customers consider us the best! Don’t forget to check out our webpage which is made only for customer.