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Curry Palace
Curry Palace has become a sensation of South Asian cuisine in Cottenham and nearby areas.

Curry Palace is famous because they offer very tasty Indian cuisine meals in their menu. You should check their menu from their website for the mouth-watering dishes, which will make you to click the order online button and order a meal eventually.

Want a little sneak peek of their menu? You can order appetizing starters like Chutney or Poppadom. For main course you can choose from a wide variety of offerings. They have the traditional dishes like Madras, Vindaloo and Dupiaza. And of course, they have tasteful Tandoori, Biryani and Balti dishes. You can also order vegetable dishes. Curry Palace Cottenham offers very tasteful vegetable main dishes like Vegetable Jalfrezi and Dhall Samba. And then there are Chef’s recommended dishes. You will never forget the taste of Bengal Flame or Purple Tiger if you taste them once.

You might want to visit their website to take a better look at their menu. And you should. Bon appetite!

215 High Street, Cottenham, Cambridge CB24 8QP
Curry Palace