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Super Carpet Cleaners
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At Super Carpet Cleaners in Ashton-under-Lyne, the company has a multi-step method for cleaning carpets, rugs, and upholstery like a couch, chair or sofa.

Care for the centre of your living room oasis for years of unsullied lounging. You will need A vacuum with an upholstery attachment… A soft dust cloth… Dish soap.

Upholstery stain remover Cream leather cleaner and rug shampoo machine and a steam cleaner.
Step 1. Remove the cushions and vacuum everything thoroughly with the upholstery attachment to remove loose dust, dirt, hair, and food particles. Once weekly is recommended.

Step 2. Dust non-upholstered parts of the couch, including frames and legs, with a soft cloth.

Step 3. Read the label on the couch to get fabric descriptions and cleaning instructions. Pre-treat stains with mild dish soap and a damp cloth. Then apply the upholstery stain remover. Always test cleaners on a small, hidden area of the couch. Allow it to dry and look for any marks before continuing.

Step 4. Clean a leather couch by polishing it with cream leather cleaner and a soft cloth.

Step 5. Test a hidden spot. Then deep clean the couch with fabric-specific shampoo and a rug shampooer. Clean the entire couch to avoid spots.

Step 6. Rent a steam cleaner if your sofa says, “dry clean only.” Test on a hidden area before you clean.

We also apply this methodology to clean your carpets or rugs in Ashton-under-Lyne.

Business Address: 103 Burlington St, Ashton-under-Lyne, OL6 7HJ
Business Phone Number: 0161 410 0780
Heros CarpetClean Manchester
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Potential customers may ask if carpet cleaning is worth it! Heros CarpetClean Manchester has got the expertise in carpet cleaning, with over 30 years experience in the cleaning industry so it is most definitely worth it!. Its operators are trained to carry out carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning and Heros CarpetClean Manchester are experts at identifying fabric and carpet fibres to make sure that your flooring or furnishings are safe to clean.

The company’s technicians can clean all types of carpets and remove all types of stains, from… milk, tea, coffee, orange juice, wine, oil, grease, makeup and paint!

Carpet cleaning is incredibly popular right now, with the event of hygiene being ever more important in homes and businesses. Cleaner carpets mean fewer bacteria, insects, insect eggs, allergens and dust mites!

Carpets can be dry in just 2 hours in many cases, with the added use of carpet blower dryers and powerful carpet cleaning machines that aid the drying process during cleaning with high powered vacuums. Upholstery can also dry quickly after cleaning with this system.

Rugs can also be cleaned, sanitised and deodorised. Pet stains and odours can be removed and rugs can either be cleaned on-site at your home or commercial property or removed and cleaned at a state of the art rug cleaning facility.

Upholstery cleaning is also very popular, with many customers booking in cleaning for sofas, suites, settees, couches, chairs, arm-chairs, dining chairs, pouffes, ottomans and footrests.

Business Address: Office 23, 83 Ducie St, Manchester, M1 2JQ
Business Phone Number: 0161 410 9768
Ribble Carpet Cleaning
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Have exceptional clean carpets, rugs or upholstery sofas by using the professional and trustworthy services of Ribble Carpet Cleaning, who are based in the lovely market town of Clitheroe. From cleaning carpets since 2008, Ribble Carpet Cleaning has grown to become the leading carpet and rug cleaners in the local area of the Ribble Valley. Over the years the company has expanded its services to include a variety of household cleaning schedules, like the cleaning of carpets, rugs, mats, upholstery, suites, settees and dining chairs. The company has been providing the same quality that it has always been known for. Ribble Carpet Cleaning still sets the standard as the market leader for offering the highest quality carpet cleaning and also rug cleaning available in the industry. In addition to using the same proven professional services that made the company the original leader in its field. Every service that the organisation offers starts out as a professional-grade solution that is proven in the field.

The company also take the time to build, test and spec every part of its carpet cleaning equipment to ensure consistent high quality. Ribble Carpet Cleaning in Clitheroe, back every service with an unconditional guarantee, if for any reason customers have a problem with the service, the company staff will do whatever it takes to make it right – no questions asked. But ultimately what makes this business the choice of both professionals and consumers alike is simple proven quality. Clean with peace of mind. Clean with Ribble Carpet Cleaning!

Business Address: 26-30 Moor Ln, Clitheroe BB7 1BE
Business Phone Number: 01200228053
Clarks Carpet Care
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Carpet cleaning methods that were highly effective five years ago are obsolete today. This is why Clarks Carpet Care believes in keeping up with the latest techniques, products and equipment in the carpet and upholstery cleaning industry to ensure superior results for you. Our commitment to using the best possible methods and eco-friendly products keep us in the good books of both our customers and mother nature! We are confident we can remove the toughest of stains, deep-seated dirt and sticky grime in a matter of hours. We can also deodorise and disinfect your carpet to give it a fresh feel instantly. Operating throughout Edinburgh and its surrounding areas, we can clean your carpets at a time that is convenient for you. Give us a call today to schedule an appointment or free, no obligation quote.

Business Address: 64A Cumberland St, Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland, EH3 6RE, United Kingdom
Business Phone Number: 8000197996
Super Carpet Cleaning
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Short Business Description: Super Carpet Cleaning in Bolton have been cleaning flooring like rugs and carpets for well over a 10 years and have a friendly, well-trained carpet cleaning team that can remove stains and dirt from your fibre or fabric.
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All types of clients are catered for and all size projects completed. Carpet cleaning includes free deodorising, satin guard and is totally insured for every eventuality.

It is not just carpets that Super Carpet Cleaning cleans to a high standard! Upholstery can be professionally cleaned too, including your tired and ageing sofas, suites, couches, settees, chairs and pouffes. Fabric can be revitalised and refreshed to improve the pile and fell and also the cleanliness. Having upholstery cleaned will also leave them smelling fresh and clean.

Commercial carpet cleaning is also on offer and very popular amongst the business community throughout Bolton and Greater Manchester. Office carpets can be deep cleaned or maintained to prolong their life!

The company is renowned throughout the North West as the premier carpet cleaner, with a small workforce of 4 staff and all operators are highly trained, experienced, insured and certified.

Business Address: 65 Swan Ln, Bolton, BL3 6TQ
Business Phone Number: 01204 974051
Heros Carpet Clean
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Heros Carpet Clean is based in Burnley and is focused on providing clients with a premier quality service in Lancashire that will give customers a guaranteed best ever clean of carpets and sofas that look and smell like new again! Just Say No to damp carpets, dirty rugs, stains and odours and a wet dog smell!

At Heros Carpet Clean, the company can deep clean carpet, rugs, sofas, suites, settees, couches, chairs and upholstery. The company’s floor and furnishing deep cleaning service team are professional and dependable at all times. Heros Carpet Clean in Burnley, only uses the most professional carpet cleaning equipment, chemicals and cleaning techniques. All staff are well mannered, polite, friendly and trained at all aspects of carpet and upholstery cleaning. The team can and will take great care in the cleaning process of clients carpets and upholstery in their home or business. Checks are always undertaken after cleaning to make sure all customers are completely satisfied when the work has been completed.

Business Address: 44 Fairfield Dr, Burnley, BB10 2PU
Business Phone Number: 01282 212200
Move Out Mates
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Short Business Description: If you are looking for a trustworthy cleaning company – we are the right business partner for you. The motivated professionals will help you with the move in and end of tenancy cleaning processes.
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We’d decided to establish a company, that would not only operate with real professionals, but the main aim would be the reasonable pricing of the services.
Nowadays, we have to spend our money carefully.
These things had inspired us and we created the company several years ago.
The path of improving was hard, but now we offer one of the best move out cleaning services in the area.
Our clients often contact us for end of tenancy cleaning and the trained experts help them to return the tenant deposit. You won’t have problems with the landlord and the results are going to be satisfying, for sure!

If you need to transport your belongings from one place to another – just give us a call.
Keep in mind that our services vary and we also can help with a wide range of domestic cleaning services including carpet and upholstery cleaning, regular and one-off cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning etc. You can find the best service for you at any time – through email or phone, we are expecting you 24/7!

To save your money is not a hard thing. We promise satisfying results!

Business Address: Farmer Rd, London, E10 5DH
Business Phone Number: 020 3746 3110