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No matter the size of a company, the benefits of having the best accountancy support should not be taken lightly. You need to select a reliable and efficient accountant who can meet and deliver on all of your accountancy needs. This is why you can trust R A Lister Ltd to provide the highest standard of service.

Whenever we speak, write, or email to you we do so in an honest and open way; with jargon-free, plain concise English. Above all else we want you to feel at ease whenever, and for whatever reason you have to contact us. We want you to be confident in the services we offer.

We will openly discuss with you the health of your business, and it’s prospects for sustainable profits as well as preparing all elements of your statutory accounts for every single tax year. We have the ability to provide with up to date management information, which some of our clients have already found useful in improving how they run their businesses.

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KinsellaTax UK Ltd
Tax investigations service resolving HMRC tax investigations and tax enquiries. Our tax investigation team can provide you support in every aspect of an HMRC tax investigation.

At KinsellaTax UK Ltd we provide specialist tax investigation services to the individual taxpayers under investigation as well as professionals such as lawyers or accountants acting on behalf of clients.
Our services include Civil Investigation of Fraud, Local Compliance Investigations, Special Civil Investigations, Tax Avoidance, Tax Evasion, Income Tax Investigations, Revenue & Customs Prosecution Office, Criminal Prosecutions, Civil Evasion Investigations and Tax Investigation Services.
We understand what a shock it is to receive a letter from HMRC advising you that a tax fraud investigation has been launched into your affairs. We are specialists in handling tax investigations and offer expert advice and support whether it involves income tax, value added tax, customs or excise duties.
The strength, in-depth and expert knowledge of KinsellaTax UK Ltd. enables us to undertake the most complex cases and every type of fraud and tax investigation there is. Kinsella Tax Investigations keeps up to date with legislation and also experience the current tactics adopted by HMRC Tax Inspectors on a daily basis.

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