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GGH – Global Great Hotels  – Cala dor

GGH (Global Great Hotels – Calador) The Village Cala d’Or hotel is part of the resorts you can access through Global Great Hotels. This stunning hotel is located in the southern coast of Majorca, just a 6-minute walk from Cala d’Or, and represents one of those beautiful resorts anyone would like to stay at. Likewise, the Village Cala d’Or hotel is also very close to other incredible coves and golden beaches, such as Cala Montdragó and Porto Petro. But that is not all, the Village Cala d’Or hotel is a holiday haven for anyone wanting to enjoy the Mediterranean climate and a thoroughly relaxing break… Feel the sun on your face, enjoy beautiful views in a prime location and, first and foremost, spend the most wonderful time on famous golden sandy beaches. Therefore, if you want to take the most of your holidays near Cala d’Or, do not hesitate to contact Global Great Hotels. This modern hotel is that enchanting stay you are looking for.

Ona Village Cala D’Or, Calle Voltor 5, Urb. Es Sementer, Cala Egos, 07660 Santanyí, Balearic Islands