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J.B. Heating & Plumbing Services
J.B. Heating & Plumbing Services is a 24-hour plumbing service provider that also handles boiler installation and repair. With just a phone call, you can be assured that our plumbers and boiler repair services in Rossendale will reach your home to resolve problems such as leaks and pipe bursts. We are based in Rossendale, Lancashire, England.

J.B. Heating & Plumbing Services, headquartered in Rossendale, Lancashire, England, installs and repairs boilers and fixes plumbing problems. Available for 24 hours, our plumbers and boiler repair services in Rossendale will fix leaks and pipe bursts with precision. We handle home water supply systems, drainage systems, waste management, gas supply line management, and home heating installation and repairs. You can rely on our years of experience to provide only top-notch service to your plumbing needs. At an affordable price, the service we provide is only the best and you are assured that we do not opt for cheaper alternatives that compromise quality work just for savings.

Business Hours: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

20 Greenbank St, Rossendale BB4 7PD, United Kingdom
01706 231894